Cedar Shingles


If you have to replace your sliding then you need to understand the need of replacement and act on it as quickly as possible, because the damaged shingles may cost you a great loss if anything serious occasion occurs. You need to check for Splitting. There are 2 types of splits you can notice, one which has rounded edges and the interior is a dull orange or grayish color and the other which has sharp edges and a light orange color interior.  Sidings are made to protect the house or any other commercial buildings and hence you need to always have a track on your shingles. Curling or Cupping is the next sign which you need to check before replacement of the sliding. Fractures also are cause mainly due to expansion and contraction of wood with time from wetness and occurring drying. These expansions cause Cracks which is also included in natural cedar roof aging process.

UV rays and sometimes continues exposure to wild weather can make the curls up which a normal man cannot understand by just looking at it and hence you need to call a roofing company with knowledge in installing cedar roof shingles and shakes. Curling is nothing but curls up in the shingles. Curling and cupping mainly are the part of natural ageing process of this wood, and hence it falls under natural calamities. Fraying is the most dangerous of its kind, as it is a kind of rot caused by bacteria, like moss, lichen or algae, which grow on our shingles with our negligence.   If you find any of the signs soon contact the experts from A.B. Edward Enterprises Inc and make them study the problems and soon replace it with cedar shingles as they are the best measure you can takewith Chicago Cedar Roof Repair