Children And Video Games

Strict study patterns, high competition in sports, and pressure from friends, parents, and teachers are some issues that can cause children to be under immense stress and mental exhaustion. One of the most popular ways for children to relieve mental stress is video gaming. Children may however get so addicted to video games that it may change their mental state and lifestyle. There have been recent real life killings at schools and public places and the cause of such brutal killing has been concluded as the increased exposure to violent video games. It has been proved that children’s exposure to violent video games is potentially more hazardous than the exposure to violent television and movies.

Some of the most popular video games played by children are Counter-Strike, Halo, Warcraft, Playstation, Xbox, classics, and other arcade games. The most common video games played by children incorporate the aspects of violence. Violence in video games may have some of the most adverse effects on the mental state of children. Violence leads to the increase in belligerent thoughts, resulting in the probability that a gentle or ambiguous irritation may be interpreted in a hostile manner. Violent video games also result in a general arousal of physical and mental states like heart rate and brain interpretation rates.

They may tend to directly imitate some violent behavior they have recently been exposed to leading to real life physical fights that may cause serious injuries. Parents have started allowing children to play video games, which have educational knowledge on different topics. Some games also generate effective decision-making skills and intuitive and imaginative thinking in the minds of children. Video games increase decision-making speeds and help to make right judgments based on previous experiences. Children tend to develop different behavioral patterns and tendencies that may reflect the type of games to which they were exposed.

Video games also prove to be beneficial in many ways for children. Video games require a lot of observation and reaction at the same time. Almost all video games are played with hands. In game scenarios call for quick responses from players allowing children to improve hand and eye coordination and observation skills. Most video games require concentration to be successfully mastered. Video games facilitate the improvement of concentration skills. Some video games encompass concepts of education and to play rpg games
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