What is Adipex Diet Pill

Adipex is one of the leading brand names for Phentermine, which is a generic drug. It has been manufactured since 1990 by Gate Pharmaceuticals, and it is a weight loss diet pill that really works. However, a lot of people like to know how this type of pill works, and that it was we are going to talk about. It is actually quite simple. adipex side affect functions by affecting parts of your body’s central nervous system, and this effectively suppresses your hunger cravings. This pill is well known for increasing the body’s energy levels as well, which can be used during your time of exercising.

In Scientific Detail

Adipex is essentially Phentermine, and this drug works like many other prescriptions out there. This is a constitutional isomer and centrally-acting stimulant that stimulates bundles of neurons in order to release a certain group of neurotransmitters, which are known as catecholamines. The catecholamines include noradrenaline (norepinephrine), adrenaline (epinephrine), and dopamine. As a result of this, you will not feel like you are hungry, because your brain doesn’t get the message that you are hungry.

The anorectic activity that is seen with these certain compounds is likely because of their effect on your the body’s central nervous system, and this is consistent with what we know about feeding behavior and the central nervous system. This mechanism of action is the same as other diet pills that are stimulates, suppressing the body’s appetite, like phendimetrazine and diethylpropion. These neurotransmitters send a signal that cause a flight or fight response within the body that puts the signal for feeling hungry to a stop.

Prescription Only Drug

Because this pill is considered a controlled substance throughout the United States, it can only be obtained with a prescription. This pill can be habit forming, and due to its effectiveness in suppressing the body’s appetite and being addictive, Adipex should not be taking any longer than a few weeks. This diet pill should also be taken in combination with regular exercise and a healthy diet. There are also side effects that can occur from taking Adipex, so you should be aware of these. Talk to doctor about these side effects before using this diet pill, as well as if any of these side effects occur.


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