Smile Lift at Beverly Hills Aesthetics

Your smile should be one of the most attractive things about you. Unfortunately, this is not always the case; ageing will show profound effect on your smile. With ageing the corners of our mouths droop, giving us a distinctly permanent grumpy sad resting face. Some patients not only have long spaces above their upper lips, but the corners of their mouths droop downward. This sad grin is instigated by the alteration of skin quality, muscle function, support structure and fat volume. Cosmetic dentistry has helped people to change the appearance of a tooth or a row of teeth, and more importantly, it has the ability to change the way someone smile-life.


SmileLift™ is a revolutionary 30-minute non-surgical “expression procedure” invented by Dr. Assassa. It is designed to turn Perma-Mouth-Frown, a sad permanent drooping mouth corner, upside down thus restoring Mona Lisa Smile. For more information about the procedures they perform and the equipment that they use is sure to contact them and set up your complimentary consultation with leading Los Angeles cosmetic and aesthetic surgeon Dr. Sam Assassa. Call (424) 284- 8933 and feel free to speak out every detail which you need.

At Beverly Hills Aesthetics different types of equipment are used and provide the best results in aesthetic surgery available today. However, when it comes to aesthetic surgery, equipment and facilities can only go so far if you do not have the very best doctors behind them. The medical staff at Beverly Hills Aesthetics is well qualified in the procedures they perform each and every day, and are some of the most experienced staff in the area. The qualified medical staff and state- of- the- art facilities Mt Roskill Real Estate Agents can provide you with the best possible results in a safe, relaxing environment.

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